Our Story

Susie Q Leos makes quality, affordable leotards that are comfortable to practice in and don't hurt the wallet. Our leotards are at two prices points: $35 & $45. We now get our fabric printed with selectively chosen designs. We have expanded to selling sweatshirts and t-shirts, and even boys apparel as well! We attend meets all over the southeast, and our business continues to grow each year.

Boss Behind the Business

My name is Sue and I, along with 4 other people, cut and sew every single leotard. Each leotard is handcrafted with care to ensure high quality.

I run my business from my home in South Carolina. This is a family business as my daughters also help cut & sew leotards and manage social media. My loving husband also helps me set up Susie Q Leos at each gymnastics event on the weekends. 

Sewing began as a hobby where I made my daughters' baby clothes. I am self-taught in making leotards and working with stretchy fabrics. I have experience in retail management and love to meet new people at each gymnastics meet.

How We Started

​Susie Q Leos was established in 2012 when my two daughters were competitive gymnasts. As a mother of two in gymnastics, I understand how expensive the sport can become. In an effort to save money, I started making my daughters their own leotards. Their friends liked their leos and soon all the other gymnasts wanted one too! And just like that, Susie Q Leos was born!

We Continue to Grow

After being in business for over 10 years, we continue to grow each year. We now attend gymnastics meets with several hundred gymnasts almost every weekend during the gymnastics season. We choose our designs to be printed on our fabric. We have now introduced boys apparel including t-shirts, hoodies, and compression shirts that we sell at gymnastics meets. We hope to have them on the website very soon. We have also designed our own original gymnastics pins which will also be available soon!